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Dr. Paritosh Pandey
MBBS, MS, Consultant


Membership:  Life Membership-
  • Indian Medical Association
  • Association of Otolaryngologists of India
Awards Information:  
  • B.B.S./M.S.
Silver Medal of Anatomical Society for Research paper “Abnormalities for Foramen Magnum and their Clinical significance (1993)”
  • Certificate of Honor, Gold Medal and Dr. A. Halim Running Trophy – 1992
  • Certificate of Honor in Physiology
  • Certificate of Honor in Biochemistry and Silver Medal
  • Certificate of Honor in Microbiology
  • Certificate of Honor in E.N.T.
  • Honors in Surgery, Medicine & Gynaecology
  • Roche and Dr. R. N. Mishra Gold Medal- E.N.T.
  • Silver Medal- North Zone/U.P. State A.O.I. Conference (2001) in Quiz
  • Vinala Maheshwari Gold Medal for best paper presentation amongst Post-graduates (2001)
  • Appreciation letter – 89th Senior Indian Science Congress- 2002, Lucknow for presentation- Anti Leucotrienes in All Allegric Rhinitis
  • Editor, Anatomical Society 1992 – 1993
  • Editor, Pharmocological Society (1994- 1995)
  • Treasurer, A.O.I., Lucknow Branch since March 2017
  • Member – Vishakha Committee, Lucknow Cancer Institute
Specialty Interest: Rhinology, Laryngology Papers (All on Research gate)
  • Transcanalicular Laser dacryocystorhinostomy using low energy 810 nm Diode Laser
  • Life style and occupational stream: A potential risk for obstructive sleep Apnea in non-obase male subjects.
  • Case report: Improved outcome with Gefitinib in recurrent Middle ear Squamous Cell Carcinoma.
  • Case Report : Lupus of the Pharynx